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To many, a home is more than a shelter. It’s a place we run to escape the chaos out there in the world. To most, a home is a paradise and one of their most prized assets. However, some threats can disrupt the tranquility of our homes. Ranging from theft, vandalism, fire, lightning to storms, there is always danger looming around our homes. Fortunately, when disaster strikes in Nebraska, homeowners’ insurance from Ally Insurance Brokers of Omaha can cover you against repairs and even rebuilding of your home if need be.

Why you need home insurance

While home insurance isn’t mandatory in Nebraska, you require one if a mortgage finances your home. Your lender is likely to expect you to carry home insurance as long as the loan liability is outstanding.

But whether required or not, home insurance is insurance that every Nebraska homeowner should carry. Home insurance provides the below coverages:

  • Dwelling coverage: Pays for damages to your home, including the attached structures, like your porch. Even when your house is burnt down or destroyed by a windstorm, the dwelling coverage promises to rebuild your home up to your policy limit.
  • Liability protection: Did your dog bite someone? Did a guest slip and sustained injuries on your premises? Or perhaps you reversed your car into your neighbor’s wall? You don’t have to worry about medical costs, property damage costs, and legal costs emanating from these incidences when you have home insurance.
  • Personal belongings protection: Home insurance doesn’t protect your structure alone. The contents coverage in your home insurance covers against loss or damage to your assets, such as clothing, electronics, and furniture.
  • Additional living expenses coverage: If your home is inhabitable for one reason or another, your home insurance covers temporary living expenses such as hotel accommodation and meals.

Do you need more information on home insurance? Please contact or visit Ally Insurance Brokers of Omaha in Nebraska. And if shopping or renewing your home insurance, we have your interests at heart. Contact us today, and we will help you protect your home.

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